Geohash: Targeting precision for your marketing decision

What is Geohash? Geohash is a public-domain Geocoding system. It is a simple way to encode latitudes and longitudes into short alphanumeric strings. The user could be anywhere in that area, they are not necessarily in the center of the area. This is really useful as latitude and longitude only represent a single point on […]

How to Make Your Ads Stick in a Blink-and-Miss World

Welcome to the world of fleeting attention spans! In a universe bursting with advertisements capturing attention and creating a lasting impression within mere seconds has become paramount. Marketers now face the ultimate challenge of retaining consumer attention, given attention spans that are briefer than a Snapchat story. To carve an unforgettable niche, strategic shifts are […]

Play to Win, How Gamified Ads Are Changing the Marketing Game

Gamification has emerged as a powerful strategy in the face of rising competition and the need for businesses to capture and retain their customers’ attention. Gamified Ads not only put your audience in the spotlight but also immerse them in the storyline of your brand. Companies can captivate customers and leave a lasting impression by […]

Insider Tips on Shielding Your Budget from Ad Fraud

In today’s digital advertising landscape, marketers face various challenges that can hinder the success of their campaigns and impact their return on investment.  Did you know that 21% of advertising budgets are lost to the silent thieves of ad fraud?  Bots are digital actors that are programmed to mimic human actions, such as clicking ads […]

Unmissable Insights for a Successful Back-to-School Season

The back-to-school (BTS) season is a crucial period for retailers and businesses alike, representing a time of heightened consumer activity and significant revenue potential. As the anticipation of the new academic year builds, parents, students, and educators embark on a quest to equip themselves with all the essentials for a successful start. In this dynamic […]

Saudi Arabia’s QSR Market Surges Ahead with Unparalleled Growth

The Saudi Arabian Food Services Market is anticipated to reach USD 26.54 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 7.68% during the forecast period. The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry in Saudi Arabia is experiencing a dynamic and competitive landscape. The present state of the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry in the country highlights […]