Case Studies

Increase Clinic Booking and In-Store Footfall With Data-Driven Campaigns

Saudi Arabia’s Leading Optical Centre Basaffar Saw a significant uplift in bookings & footfall with optimized AI Location Intelligence

Basaffar Eye & Optical Center is a leading, state of the art facility in Saudi Arabia, offering expert ophthalmology services to patients. Due to increased competition in Jeddah and Madinah, Basaffar aimed at boosting brand awareness, increasing consultancy bookings, and footfall to the clinics. The facility’s expert ophthalmologists and eye technicians are also aimed at identifying potential patients and creating lasting relationships with the ones who frequent the center.

MEmob+ Data Intelligence Catapults Nike Campaign To Gold Award

Nike, the industry leader in footwear and sports equipment, aimed to encourage home workouts and boost sales during Ramadan in classic Nike style. Daytime fasting, on the other hand, posed a problem for the business, since it disrupted training regimens and reduced demand for sports apparel. Nike intended to reach out to goal-oriented sports enthusiasts for increasing foot traffic to shopping malls.

MEmob+’s Data-Driven Campaigns Increase Sales For Dar Al Arkan

Dar Al Arkan, KSA’s renowned real estate development company, executed a month-long digital campaign to generate interest and leads for its premium properties. Although leads flowed in over the course of 2 weeks, most of them failed to qualify during follow-up phone calls. The goal was to enhance lead quality, but they required data-driven solutions rather than social targeting.

McDonald’s Campaign Wins a Silver Award, Thanks to Memob+’s Unique Location Data Intelligence

McDonald’s, the food and beverages company, faced a drop in outlet sales during the pandemic. The brand wanted to increase in-store traffic, especially drive-through traffic, in Saudi Arabia’s Central and Eastern regions. The goal was to reassure customers that they can visit their stores and drive-throughs without putting their health at risk.

MEmob’s AI Location Intelligence Helps du Drive Foot Traffic To Newly Launched Stores

du, the fastest-growing telecommunications provider, launched 9 new stores in Abu Dhabi for existing and prospective customers who prefer in-store interactions over online transactions. The task was to identify and target customers, who were most resistant to digital transactions, while raising awareness, driving foot traffic, and boosting ROI.

MEmob+’s AI Audience Location Technology Helps Almarai Raise Awareness

Almarai, the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy firm, launched a wide range of unique premium (Farm’s Select) smoothies to capitalize on the increasing trend of health and indulgence without compromise in Saudi Arabia. Their goal was to raise awareness and generate demand from discerning consumers. The challenge was to identify and target the right profiles while also reaching them at scale with an engaging and awareness-building ad format.

MEmob+ AI-Driven Audience Enrichment Help Babyshop Drives Acquisition

Babyshop, Landmark Group’s one-stop children’s concept store, was experiencing a declining conversion rate. Their challenge was to raise awareness and drive new app installs. They also wanted to retarget new as well as former inactive app installers to drive acquisitions. For this, they aimed at targeting mothers and pregnant women across the UAE to drive foot traffic and boost ROI of 10:1.


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