The MEmob+ Collective is the largest independent marketplace for connected devices with more than 6 billion addressable device profiles that can be activated across all major platforms, networks and DSPs.

Activate Popular Personas

Browse a curated marketplace with the most popular pre-packaged personas based audiences ready for easy activation.

Define a Custom Audience

Choose from filters like demographics, apps on device, POIs visited, interests, and more to build your perfect audience.

Generate Lookalikes

Create scaled lookalike segments based on your own seed audiences.

Access Audience Insights

Use Audience Insights to see a detailed breakdown of your audience attributes from apps on device to most frequented point of interest.

Largest Number of Integrated Advertising Network

Run campaigns on the world’s largest collection of more than over 40,000 mobile apps, ad networks, and publishers.

Activate Popular Personas

  • Business Travelers

    Travelers for business in the MENA region are seen to be mostly between the ages of 30-45. They visit the GCC most frequently followed by Europe, Asia and the U.S. Their attention formally goes towards news and finance related activities. Their most used applications include Uber and News.
  • Luxury Living

    As the region is a hub for high-end brands, luxury and luxury living, individuals enjoying high net worth identities are becoming more and more prominent in the MENA. Their interests include luxury watches, yachting, fashion, jewelry, and wealth management.
  • Diverse Diners

    With a wide variety of options and restaurants to choose from, dining is one of the guilty pleasures in MENA. These personas come with tendencies for socializing and maintaining relationships to complement the lifestyle. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a delicious dinner with their loved ones, and a little gossip session? These users’ favorite apps include Instagram and food apps.
  • Fitness Freaks

    The GCC’s melting pot of cultures brings fitness lover together. Their drive for health and sports makes their most common interests include music and superfoods. Their most dwelled locations include gyms, fitness events, and outdoor workout spots.
  • UAE Nationals

    The natives of the UAE are lovers of the outdoors, luxury living, automotive, music and entertainment. They hold their tradition and culture in high regards but with a modern twist. There is a rise of entrepreneurs among them, and their favorite apps include Snapchat.
  • C-Level & Decision Makers

    Whether it is IT, Finance, Marketing or Executive decision makers; this audience is super niche and super delicate. They are frequent private jet flyers, and their interests include foreign exchange, technology, and global politics.
  • Women & Mothers

    She is a superwoman. She works. She cooks. She cleans. She cares. Most importantly, she makes all household decisions. She also indulges in little feel-good activities like shopping and entertainment. Her interests not only include healthy living, food, cooking, and home improvement, but also fashion and entertainment.
  • Millennials & the Youth

    Everyone is trying to understand those guys! We do! They love to be independent and discover the world at their own terms. They are technologically advanced and very well informed. Their most used applications include social, music and photos.

Define a Custom Audience

All Collective data include a mobile advertising identifier (MAID), enabling precise addressability. SDK data are cleaner than bid stream or IP-based data, included behavioral attributes, and are deterministic, not probabilistic.


First-party data are ingested directly from the Free App Analytics SDk which touches more than 1 billion devices globally.

Third-party sources include select data providers who provide unique enrichment, as well as app and game publishers. All third-party data are subject to comprehensive fraud review, metadata verification, and activation addressability verification prior to ingestion into the Collective.

MEmob+ does not use any data from its enterprise customers. Collective data is stored independent from the Unified Audience Platform where enterprise customers measure their campaign activity and harness their data for growth. MEmob+ does not share or license the data of its enterprise customers.


Generate Lookalikes

Lookalike models are audiences that are substantially similar to a set of devices you upload to the system. By analyzing your devices for key characteristics:

Identify the Seed: When you upload your list, we identify all devices on that list that are available in the Collective. These users become the seed.

Analyze the Seed—Success/Fail Scoring: All devices within the seed are given a score of 1 (success). An equal number of devices are given a score of 0 (fail). These devices are unlike the seed and determined by Gradient Boosting, a technique for predicting models.

Analyze Device History: Device characteristics like frequency of use, screen dimensions, app ratings, locations, apps installed, and more are analyzed to determine which devices in the Collective are most like the success group, and which are most unlike the fail group.

Device Ranking: The list of characteristics gathered from the device analysis are ranked from most important to least important. For each characteristic a single device ID has, it will receive a 1. The total of the scores is averaged to create an associated gain score between 0 and 1. This gain score predicts the likelihood that a device will behave like the seed audience. For example, if a device possesses every characteristic, it would receive a gain score of 1.

NTiles: Every unique device ID within the Collective is given a gain score. Devices with a score are separated into 100 separate ntiles with even device counts. For example, if 1M devices are scored, there will be 10K devices in each ntile.

Activation: Marketers determine the size of the desired target audience and export the new device ID list to the preferred activation partner(s).


Access Audience Insights

Audience Insights provides a snapshot of demographic (gender, age, geography), device (make, model, OS), and behavioral (apps on device, POI visited, IAB interests) attributes of an audience. The tool provides great value to both advertisers and publishers.

The following are snippets from an Audience Insights report of devices with the Yelp app installed.

A True Marketplace For Data Suppliers

The MEmob+ Collective enables data supply partners to monetize their inventory in a secure environment where they can control which advertisers have access to their data and the platforms where it can be activated.

Monetize pre-built segments or generate incremental revenue when your data are utilized in custom segment creation and lookalike modeled audiences.

All raw data get vetted through the MEmob+ anti-fraud suite, then mapped against key data sets to help match lat/longs to POIs, user agents to device details, app bundle IDs to app store names, categories, and much more.

All data usage is tracked within the data supply partner’s MEmob+ Collective dashboard where they can check on the health of their data feeds at any time.


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