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At MEmob+, we’re taking our efforts to ensure clients maximize the efficacy of their marketing messages and creatives to a whole new level. We provide rich media solutions to ensure clients enhance their marketing activities.

Knowing that the most important aspect of a marketing strategy is attracting your target audience. Rich media ads effectively accomplish this by adding creative elements to your regular ad messages. Rich media ads are online advertisements that include such features as gamification, animation and shopification, to create a more engaging experience for viewers, in most cases, leading them directly to your e-commerce cart.

Custom Mini-Game

This unit creates a unique, unforgettable experience for you and your users that they will want to access multiple times.

The campaign resulted in:

• Recording 12,264 footsteps

134 attribution lift index Vs the benchmark of 100

• Recorded the average dwell time of 26:34 Seconds

Wipe Off

Using the touch screen of a mobile phone like a scratch-off lottery ticket, our Wipe Off ad unit brings new levels of interactivity to the users, on their device.

The campaign resulted in:

• Recording 1,649,307 Vs booked 1,529,053 impressions

• A click-through rate of 2.25% against the benchmark of 0.50%

41.27% unique reach Vs a benchmark of 33%

55.58% viewability Vs a benchmark of 55%

The client gained a 1.7% market share which is the highest any initiative has gained in its launch month.

Add to Calendar

Interstitial ads provide full-screen, rich and engaging experiences for users. Placed between content, interstitials are best placed at natural app transition points.

The campaign resulted in:

• Delivering 171,500 impressions.

• A click-through rate of 4.52% against the benchmark of 0.50%

• Engagement rate of 7.92% Vs 0.05% benchmark

69.53% viewability Vs a benchmark of 55%

• Total of 11,253 Calendar Downloads


Clients have used our rich media solutions to increase engagement in their campaigns and ad retention, leading to tremendous growth in the performance of their ads.

Let our rich media solutions help catapult your business to success with state-of-the-art ads!

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