MEmob+ expands in Riyadh and Doha

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re building on our success in Saudi Arabia and Qatar with the opening of offices in Riyadh and Doha. The move reflects a rapid rise in demand for our services from both these markets. The new operations will be led by Saad Bleik, reporting to Ihab El Yaman, MEmob’s co-founder and CEO.

Since its formation in 2019, MEmob+ has managed its clients, leading brands and agencies, and business partners, such as data providers, in these countries from its head office in Dubai. The opening of a fully-fledged office in both Riyadh and Doha will enable the company to provide an even greater level of support and service to its existing and future clients there. Opening a new office can yield many benefits for a company, so by making sure we have up-to-date equipment as well as supplies from resources like, and others, we’ll be able to meet the needs of whoever walks through the door.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a significant growth in the number of clients using our data, technology and services to improve the precision, performance and effectiveness of their marketing investments. This isn’t limited to the GCC as we’re also expanding in Europe, where MEmob+, a leading data mining platform and location-driven product, already has an operation in Munich.

We have exclusive partnerships with local and international first party data holders, giving it access to billions of device IDs globally. This makes us one of the world’s largest data sources, supporting brands’ data-driven media activities, location measurement and footfall attribution, research and analysis. We are backed by Singapore-based Near, the global leader in privacy-led data intelligence on people, places, and products.

Commenting on the openings, Saad Bleik said: “These new offices couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only is the transformation of marketing picking up pace in the region, with brands using data in more sophisticated ways, but the environment in which they operate is evolving too. Just consider the introduction of Saudi Arabia’s Personal Data Protection Law regulating the collection, processing and use of personal data in the Kingdom this March. MEmob’s expertise and technology are more needed than ever to navigate this complex, yet exciting, landscape and fulfil brands’ ambitions. Organizations with operations in the Kingdom or those processing data of Saudi residents will have one year to comply with the new requirements.”

He added: “Thanks to its experience of managing consumer data in 144 countries, many with similar legal frameworks, MEmob+ already advises and supports local and international companies in collecting, managing, enriching, analysing and activating their first-party data in compliant ways.”



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