Mobile World Congress – Forging deeper connections

After a yearlong wait, MEmob+ was finally back at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), one of the most significant international summits showcasing the best mobile communications technology. The last two years of the event have been quieter due to Covid restrictions, but expectations were high for this year’s four-day trade show commenced from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March 23 at Fira Barcelona Gran Via

Ihab El Yaman, Founder and CEO, MEmob+ and Nick Basserman, Business Development Director at MEmob+ attended this year’s exhibition which was a resounding success attended by over 80,000 participants from all over the globe gathered to explore the latest trends in technology and nurture B2B connections. The latest edition saw a huge number of exhibitors, sponsors, and partners, similar to the mega-successful 2019 edition of the event;  however, there was a pronounced shift towards B2B applications and products,  distinguishing this year’s congress from the ones held before the pandemic. Smartphone launches geared towards B2C still dominated the show, but it was evident that the majority of the companies directed their service and product launches taking a more B2B approach this year.

Experts and keynote speakers graced the stage at MWC’23 bringing valuable information to the fore. Glitzy smartphone launches were one of the highlights of the show with names like Samsung, Honor, OnePlus and Nokia shone bright. The smartphone market is already brimming with new launches, but the new Motorola Rizr rollable phone concept was one that caught our eye – and it was easy to see why. In an era where foldable devices are making a comeback, the new phone, which is still a prototype, features a display that rolls up to provide a larger screen for apps, giving users something new to look out for.

We deep dived into the MWC Barcelona event’s conference program, exhibition, and networked with the top tech experts from leading global industries. The digital innovation in each industry sector was featured across the entire event experience, focusing on FinTech, Manufacturing, and Smart Mobility.

Here are the few key themes at MCW this year:

  • 5G & 6G

For many years, 5G has been the talk of the MWC. 5G devices are defining how the world connects, unlocking value for businesses across the ecosystem.  The telecom industry is being transformed by digital innovation and enhanced 5G delivery models, resulting in new use cases and business models – and this innovation is accelerating toward 6G, which will unlock previously unimagined opportunities for growth. Though still in the works and surrounded by numerous questions, 6G seemed to be of massive interest as a next-generation technology needed for a more connected world, as well as the exploration of self-driving autonomous vehicles, smart cities, virtual and augmented reality (AR & VR), and space exploration.

Experts are still debating how 6G will be achieved, and there were several discussions about experimenting with this technology as well as addressing the potential security risks that may accompany it. Given the 55 percent increase in mobile and internet traffic as the world shifts toward increased connectivity, leaders recognize that 5G technology will be unable to deliver on that scale. However, telecom companies are still struggling to imagine how networks can be improved and 6G innovation relies on uncertain investment by the major operators.

  • Reality+

Immersive technologies are changing the way we live, work, and consume information. The exploration of extended reality continued at MWC’23 where companies came forth with the latest innovations connecting the physical, digital, and virtual worlds. Topics such as ‘XR, AI & 5G for New Immersive Experiences’ and ‘From Metaverse to Matterverse’ were discussed under the theme.

  • Fintech

With the rise of blockchain technologies, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies, the term “fintech” has taken on a whole new meaning.  The theme was discussed in detail by experts from around the globe as the world moves towards new ways of carrying transactions, giving rise to a global digital economy.

  • Metaverse and AI:

The overarching theme of Digital Everything included discussions on Metaverse and AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a hot topic at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), and it is one of the key technology trends that has been gaining significant attention in recent years. MWC explored and exhibited different topics related to the Metaverse and its potential uses in B2B applications, and immersive technologies, as well as its massive potential to transform education. Companies held Metaverse demonstrations for virtual clothing try-ons, aircraft landing gear tutorials, and physical rehabilitation. A software company also showcased its plan of offering a ‘Metatour’ of Dubai using virtual and augmented reality.

Audiences were also able to participate in  ‘Feel the Technology’, an immersive, gamified experience utilizing virtual reality, metaverse, and artificial intelligence that showcased how people’s perception of technology can be humanized through the exploration of the five senses. A sensory journey through Barcelona was created by combining the physical and virtual worlds to provide visitors at MWC’23 with a unique perception of how the virtual and physical come together.

Some other key topics that were prominent at MWC’23 included sustainability and energy savings, private networks, automation, and the cloud. With rising inflation and increased energy consumption throughout the world, sustainability is no longer a buzzword for companies as they are becoming conscious of being more energy efficient in their business processes. Questions around the necessity of decreasing the carbon footprint were in focus as companies try to reduce overarching operating expenses.

MEmob at MWC

MWC ’23 continues to be an affair of many attractions. Although companies no longer reserve their launches for the show, many organizations still managed to surprise attendees with their unique offerings. Chinese firm Unitree robotics delighted the guests with its four-legged bot dog that performed interesting tricks. Acting as a pet and then following you for a run, the robot dog uses AI as well as 3D cameras and motion sensors. When not entertaining onlookers, it could be found resting in the halls at MWC.

With a dynamic display of networking and informative events on essential topics, an event like Mobile World Congress has the power to bring together people from different parts of the globe to share a vast array of ideas, solutions, and perspectives. MEmob+, as a technology pioneer, is always excited to bring new technologies and solutions to our clients, colleagues, and partners. Mobile World Congress (MWC) has been a truly enriching experience and opportunity to gain insights into the latest industry trends, giving us a competitive advantage in creating a tremendous opportunity for brands and guiding them towards better growth and achieving their business goals with AI. 

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