Take social content further with Social Display+

Social Display+, a new advertising solution recently launched by MEmob+, combines brands’ best social content with the efficiencies and scale of programmatic. Social Display+ ads repurpose existing social media posts and configure them for traditional banner placements on mobile sites and apps. These support programmatic campaign goals, including awareness, prospecting and direct response.


Lower costs

One key aspect behind the appeal and success of Social Display+ ads is that there are no additional production costs. With Social Display+, advertisers can use the full spectrum of their social content, diversifying the ad stock at no extra cost. Social Display+ ads look like a Facebook post, an Instagram story or a carousel post, for example.

By providing a better, more organic user experience, they help brands break through display ad clutter and combat banner blindness. Using the familiar and popular content, experiences and interactions from social media campaigns saves time and spares advertising budgets. Savings can be invested into reaching a larger audience. Social media is a key factor in business nowadays, an online presence is essential, so whether they are a small business looking to make waves, maybe by starting out with buying Instagram likes or seeing how they can Buy 1000 TikTok Followers, they need to know that their efforts are leading to something for their target audience and their business model.

Bigger reach and engagement

Social Display+ simply takes popular social content to the larger portion of a brand’s audience that resides outside of social media platforms. By integrating with DSPs, MEmob’s or DV360 for example, a brand’s best social content will achieve its full engagement potential on audiences beyond the walled gardens, extending the rich experiences people love and giving brands a bigger bang for their buck. Social Display+ recreates the native social content experience, including likes, shares, and clicks to a landing page.

The format also tracks advanced engagement metrics automatically. These are typically 5 to 8X higher than traditional display banners, relying instead on the more popular social media experience. Not only do Social Display+ ads consistently deliver higher CTRs, brand studies have also shown a 5X improvement in brand lift and consideration.

What’s more, MEmob+ can track and locate the Social Display+ audiences. As part of our device universe, their anonymised data has already been enriched and mined, offering exciting targeting and remarketing options. With our STRETCH™ DMP, the original social media audience can also be tracked.

This is quite literally taking social to another level.

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