GCC’s Holiday Shift: Tradition to Modern Celebrations

When we think of Christmas, our minds often gravitate toward Western countries; however, it may be intriguing for many to discover that Christmas is celebrated in diverse cultural settings, including countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The unique blend of cultures adds a fascinating dimension to Christmas traditions in the Gulf Region. Christmas Celebrations […]

How to Make Your Ads Stick in a Blink-and-Miss World

Welcome to the world of fleeting attention spans! In a universe bursting with advertisements capturing attention and creating a lasting impression within mere seconds has become paramount. Marketers now face the ultimate challenge of retaining consumer attention, given attention spans that are briefer than a Snapchat story. To carve an unforgettable niche, strategic shifts are […]

Qatar’s E-commerce is booming, wondering what’s in it for the retail segment?

Qatar’s e-commerce is thriving due to its young and tech-savvy population, as well as a sizable expatriate community that is no stranger to online shopping. Qatar’s retail industry has grown significantly in recent years, owing to the thriving e-commerce market. With lightning-fast internet speeds and 99% of the population living in cities, it’s no surprise […]

Leveraging the Power of Web 3: A Marketer’s Advantage

To understand this, let us find out the different iterations of the internet:  The internet has experienced substantial changes as it transitioned from Web 1 to Web 2 and is currently progressing towards Web 3. With each phase, the internet evolves, empowering users and offering new possibilities for communication, collaboration, and ownership of digital identities. […]