MEmob+ opens European HQ in Madrid

We’re very excited to announce our expansion in Europe with the opening of a new regional HQ in Madrid. We already had an office in Munich, Germany, on top of others in the USA, the Middle East and Asia. The Spanish operation is currently onboarding its first strategic clients. Led by Ihab El Yaman, our co-founder and CEO, it will focus on the development and commercialization of data-focused services.

Founded in 2019, MEmob+ is a leading data-driven marketing solutions company. Its clients, top brands and agencies, rely on its services and data sources to optimise their growth and maximise their marketing ROI. We have exclusive partnerships with global and regional first party data holders, giving us access to billions of device IDs globally. As one of the largest data sources in Europe, we support brands’ data-driven media activities, location measurement and footfall attribution, research and analysis. Our client portfolio includes major international and regional clients seeking to improve the precision, performance and effectiveness of their marketing investments through the optimal use of data. MEmob+ is backed by Singapore-based Near, the global leader in privacy-led data intelligence on people, places, and products.

The Madrid office has also secured partnerships with international first-party data owners in several industry segments including crypto currencies/wallet apps, POS data from retailers like grocery stores/supermarkets, and websites and apps. Partners in the fields of digital receipt processing, analytics, peer-to-peer big data sharing,  crypto currencies, AI and VR, will fuel our product development drive. We will particularly focus on Blockchain, first-party data collection and federated data opportunities for first-party data owners. In addition to data-driven marketing solutions, MEmob+ will be offering companies, large and small, new solutions to enhance and monetise their first-party data in a safe, secure and GDPR-compliant way.

We are also readying a satellite office in Valencia’s Digital District, a technological hub with 400 companies and technological entities. This will be followed by further expansion into the continent. The office in Munich handles commercial and technical partner integration functions.

With the forthcoming deprecation of third-party cookies shaking the foundations of digital marketing, companies are turning to other ways to understand, define, target, reach and measure their audiences. First-party data is a major starting point for them and the cornerstone of our performance and success across various countries. With this expansion, we will not only tap into thriving and rapidly expanding markets, notably with Europe’s SMEs, but also spread innovation across our global network of operations. The opportunities with data transcend marketing effectiveness and open new revenue streams for companies everywhere.

This move further cements our positioning as a global company. MEmob+ manages user and location data from 144 countries and runs mobile marketing campaigns across continents, upholding the highest standards of privacy and providing our clients secure data solutions. A physical presence in key markets is the next step forward.


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