Capitalize At The Largest Event Of The Year

The Biggest Football event is soon to kick off. The event has become more than just an international football tournament – it has morphed into an emotion that resonates with many. This is undoubtedly one of the most significant events of the year promising massive payoffs to marketers and advertisers.

According to sources, the event happening is expected to be watched by 3 billion+ people around the world. Between January and March, more than 800,000 tickets are already sold out. 200K+ fans would be attending matches per day at the peak of the group stage during the event.

Create A Buzz: Take Your Brand Engagement To Another Level

Football has garnered interest amongst all demographic groups which translate into a clear opportunity for brands and advertisers. This is an important trend to be taken note of by digital marketers when planning their campaigns so that they target the right consumers for engagement. With a kick of creativity, well-timed consumer targeting, and identifying the right omnichannel strategy with MEmob+, brands can score marketing goals. Marketers don’t miss this unique opportunity to align your campaigns with the greatest football event ever.

Leverage The Power Of Fandom

Marketers need to decide on their game plan. This is where MEmob+ comes in.  We have access to audience insights that can help you target consumers tuning in to their mobile devices to heighten the event experience. We have established ourselves as the leading data mining and monetization platform trusted by top brands in the region to harness data for their growth and to maximize their ROI

Marketing is a lot like football. To win the game you need the right strategy and tactics. Brands that truly know and connect with their audience have the best chance of standing out and getting their voice heard.

With the football event fast approaching, MEmob+ will help you identify your target audience. Are you ready to advertise at the largest event of the year?

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