Future of Digital Marketing With MEmob+ & Blockchain

They say the sky’s the limit, but what they don’t know is at MEmob+ there’s no limit!

 As technology and humanity continue to evolve, the world is getting more virtual with the creation of new changes and techniques. Introducing the latest innovation, Blockchain technology , invades all businesses and industries to become the new future.

MEmob+, being recognized as the First Marketing Tech Company in MENA Region to add blockchain expertise to its services with various industries including Automotive, Government, Finance, and Healthcare, had the chance to collaborate with Universal McCann, a global media and advertising agency and a member of the Interpublic Group. UM is committed to provide innovative and effective solutions for their clients, in addition to being one of the top agencies to use blockchain solutions for their clients

MEmob+ had the pleasure to present at the “HOW TO UTILIZE TO BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY FOR MARKETING” seminar, held on the 8th of September at the Courtyard E11 – Al Quoz 1 in Dubai.

Presented by the Co-founder and CEO of MEmob+ Mr. Ihab El Yaman with the support of Ms. Sara Naja, Business Development Director – EMEA at MEmob+, the summit discussed the world’s new innovation, the Blockchain technology, a record log with distributed ownership that can host and record transactions between multiple parties in a peer-to-peer, verifiable, and permanent way. This technology conducts transparency and traceability, irreversibility of records and automated “smart contracts” execution.

Explaining the features and tools, how it is used and what’s the future of this technology, MEmob+ highlighted how brands and companies use Blockchain in the form of NFTs to promote their products and services in the Metaverse world.

As brands nowadays, such as Gucci, M&Ms, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Nike have entered the Metaverse world in terms of avatars known as NFTs, in order to be available for their customers in the virtual world and sell their products through coins and tokens.

Following these topics, MEmob+ discussed the evolution of the Web from 2.0 to 3.0, explaining how Web 3.0 will usher in a new era of decentralized blockchain-based architectures, as we transitioned from decentralized protocols (Web 1.0) to centralized, monopolistic platforms (Web 2.0), to offer Web3 users the ability to own shares in platforms and applications.

The presentation shared the future of digital marketing with Web 3.0, putting forward research on what digital advertising targeting is shifting from advertising mobile IDs & Cookies to Wallet Ids that have anonymous IDs which are unique identifiers that can be used in digital marketing in the future.

 Therefore, MEmob+ has invested in Odin Protocol (Blockchain) which allows us to transfer data securely from Web2 to Web3, and is a shareholder  in GeoDB, a blockchain application development company based in Madrid with two applications that already are able to gather first-party geo data. ​​

The GeoCash App, currently available on the App stores, allows users to earn Geotokens by moving around. This first-party data can be analyzed for a wealth of information as in return for rewards people have agreed to share data

Walking into a whole virtual world, knowing that the Metaverse is the next generation of reality, MEmob+ got the chance to understand this transformation and how it’s affecting brands and industries, offering them the chance to benefit from creative and unique techniques to reach their audiences and keep up with innovations.

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