MEmob+ at DMEXCO 2022

Two days of interesting topics, inspiring programs, fun, and entertainment, DMEXCO 2022, thank you!

After a three-year break and with thrill and excitement, The Digital Marketing Expo and Conference DMEXCO came back stronger than ever!

Two days in a row of interesting topics, inspiring sessions, fun, and entertainment, the MEmob+ team had the opportunity to participate in Europe’s leading digital marketing & Tech event DMEXCO 2022. “Experience the New Era of Digital Innovation” event which happened on the 21st and 22nd of September in Cologne, Germany.

From left to right the MEmob+ team: Nick Basserman, Director, Business Development/ Ihab El Yaman, Co-Founder and CEO/ Mohammed Al Eskandarani, Chief Technology Officer

More than 770 speakers, 560 exhibitions, 430 inspiring sessions, and 40,000 visitors from 91 different countries came together to a place and community where key players in digital business, marketing, and innovations are present.

DMEXCO 2022, is known as a great opportunity for industry professionals at all levels to be the first to learn about the newest and most advanced technologies in the field of digital marketing, with a vision of believing in the indispensable power of bringing together leading business minds of the digital world.

Exhibitions and inspiring sessions at DMEXCO
Exhibitions and inspiring sessions at DMEXCO

With the intention to evolve in technology and creativity, and to stay updated with the world’s latest innovations, Memob+ was the first to attend the DMEXCO 2022 event and catch up with a wide range of top-notch speakers such as Sir Martin Sorrell – former CEO of WPP and Owner of S4 Capital, Matt Brittin – President EMEA GOOGLE, Sarah Personette – COO Twitter and Americo De Campos Silva – Global Head of Brand Communications & Engagements Shell, presenting controversial topics in interesting sessions.

Beginning with the key topics discussed, hardly anyone has shaped the media industry as much as Sir Martin Sorrell, former CEO of WPP and Owner of S4 Capital. On the Stage, he confronted us with today’s challenging times, where he underlined the importance of positive marketing communication and showed why digital channels are so important right now. For him, data and creativity are a win-win situation.

Sir Martin Sorrell, former CEO of WPP and Owner of S4 Capital- DMEXCO capture

Another topic was the power of Data. Maurine Alma, CMO of the global player “Just Eat” mentioned her “key takeaway” advice to all marketers: “The idea of ​​serving your customers in the best possible way, is through using your data in something that will become even more important in the age of data protection, etc. And using technology to do this in the best possible way.”
Adding to that, Dominik Matyka, Chief Advisor at Dmexco, discussed the importance of data privacy nowadays, mentioning that Dmexco 2022 has undoubtedly shown that we must look for comprehensive solutions in the concern of personalized advertising, data protection, industry standards, and, above all, striving for more sustainability in the digital world.

However, Google Europe Boss Matt Brittin said in his keynote speech, “We need to build a sustainable, ad-supported web. A web that provides people with high-quality information that takes brands’ data protection into account and thus creates trust on the part of users”.
Mentioning that in times of digital advertising, which is precisely tailored to the needs and behavior of each user on the Internet, one cannot hold a trade fair on digital marketing without talking about data protection. Reiterating in his keynote that third-party cookies would end in the second half of 2024.

Google Europe Boss, Matt Brittin- DMEXCO capture

On the contrary, and for the first time at DMEXCO, the Metaverse and evolution of Web 3 subject have taken the center stage at the event with key speakers from huge brands such as Samsung, Mercedes, and Jägermeister.
“We’re focusing on where the real opportunity lies, which is between those two worlds – the online world and the personal world”, says Futurist Elena Corchero, Director of Emerging Tech & Innovation at Dow Jones, taking us into the latest innovations in the area, the Web3 and Metaverse world, Elena is convinced that the hybrid reality is coming and companies of our times should be future-ready!

Tweakwise company at DMEXCO
Mercedes Benz launches G-Class NFT art project – NFG

Two days of excessive and futuristic information and innovations were enough to prove that MEmob+ is up to all new technologies, or is either ahead or moving with the evolving digital landscape.
Starting with data privacy and the end of third-party cookies, MEmob+ focuses on providing 1st party data vs 3rd party data gathered from cookies to position herself as the go-to Data Marketplace in the future. In addition, with its broad Omnichannel service including socials, MEmob+ was eager to exchange ideas and learn about new product offerings that top social networks such as TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat presented at DMEXCO advertising halls.

However, covering the major subject, and for the first time taking the center stage at the DMEXCO event, the Web3 vision. Re-affirmed MEmob’s evolution into a Data Intelligence and Technology provider, investing heavily into blockchain technology development in order to provide the industry with leading solutions, supporting brands and advertisers to run the most efficient campaigns with the highest ROI.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations, and we at MEmob+ always aspire to keep up with innovations and technologies to help you build a strong business, associated with digital evolution!


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