Spotting Mobile AD FRAUD – Even Uber Not Spared

Successful brands take a full-funnel and omnichannel marketing approach to support their measurement strategy

With the scale of data available in today’s technology-driven world, organizations that are mobile centric, face an overwhelming amount of information. The days of measuring an app’s potential by how many downloads it received are long gone. These days, it can be challenging for marketers to identify the channels or sources that are leading to conversions. Therefore, the quality and accuracy of data rather than its quantity is what helps marketers and businesses assess their return on investment (ROI).

Gauging genuine consumer engagement requires monitoring of data sets based on the amount of time spent on an app, number of active users, and sessions. Finding and collecting the right data to provide insights into a business, and good measurement of data trickles down to finding the right MMP partner. This is where brands can utilize Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) to assist them to work smarter, not harder.

It is impossible to ignore the importance of monitoring ad fraud, which remains a critical component of marketing success, with businesses of all sizes susceptible to it.

The UBER marketing team spent billions of dollars on marketing campaigns and wanted to ensure that their brand integrity remained intact, with their ads not displayed on publisher apps or adult websites. Although the company took all required precautions to prevent ad fraud and included legal clauses to ensure transparency; the analytics team couldn’t help but notice discrepancies in the performance reports they received. Furthermore, they continued to receive accounts from customers who saw their ads on adult websites.

They decided to deep dive into anomalies that didn’t make sense, and they engaged the fraud solutions team at Kochava to assist them in uncovering false data. Consultations with the Kochava audit team confirmed that a deeper investigation was required, and the evidence revealed the existence of fraudulent data.

As you can see, analytics play a crucial role in determining the campaign’s success. This is why MMPs like Kochava can assist you in the following ways:

  • Provide with an overview of all campaign data so comparing results becomes easier
  • Save you time and costs
  • Provide with analytics data so you know how to optimize your app’s performance

In these instant gratification times, performance is often judged by lower-funnel indicators, which are typically straightforward to grasp. However, there are actually numerous points of contact between a customer and a brand. Lower-funnel metrics are also misleading. To prevent this, brands must concentrate on a comprehensive, full-funnel strategy that enables them to maximize their consumer touch points.

While MEmob+ assists customers in finding the best MMP platform for them to align their marketing campaigns against measurement outputs, we encourage businesses to link their KPIs to full-funnel and omnichannel marketing initiatives instead of solely relying on conversion-driven campaigns to achieve business results that have real impact and value. Gaining insightful information related to your brand’s goals requires the correct investments, particularly now that customer behavior is changing so quickly. There should be well-thought-out KPIs tied to your full-funnel performance, measuring not just installs or clicks but also taking into account total brand awareness, visitor traffic, and revenue-driven incremental values to achieve maximum returns from MMPs and make measurement a core part of your brand’s strategy.

Our ties with measurement companies like Kochava make it easier for clients to get precise data, but there are strong indications that investing equally in brand building and measurement will be more profitable in the long run.  Only when all components are interconnected can brands determine which metrics are most important and begin to make more informed decisions.



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