The Pioneers of a Progressing World

The more we progress into a world led by companies holding a monopoly over consumers across the globe, the more we are losing sight of our identities without having a targeted direction to how the world will be in the future.

In 2022, 122 billion dollars was spent by brands on advertisements with an expected rise to 300 billion dollars in 2025; these staggering amounts are spent by brands for the mere purpose of tapping into data, and these numbers will keep on increasing.

As we progress towards more Web3 opportunities, there is an increased need for advertisements and data. This means that more and more brands are now exploring and understanding blockchain concepts and capabilities in their entirety; the main fuel of all these advertisements is data. In the MENA market, a lot of brands such as KFC for example, are exploring blockchain concepts for data accuracy and transparency. YouTube has also decided to integrate blockchain into its work model and will be rewarding people for the data they provide. These brands have understood that people now want benefits for the data and information they share and are after new money streams.

With new innovations and industries geared towards blockchain, relationships between brands and consumers are changing. Third-party data consumption has shifted dramatically and as marketers move away from this practice and embrace quality first-party data collection methods, the rise of the virtual world presents a unique opportunity to employ fresh initiatives for democratizing data.

ODIN Protocol and MEmob+ are stepping into the future and pioneering a user-driven data world of advertising that will not only benefit brands but also the users who are providing their information. Third-party cookies are becoming a thing of the past and consumer preferences are changing accordingly. The vision of MEmob+ and ODIN Protocol is to incentivize users to consent to sharing their data by providing a decentralized, safe, transparent, and secure method while gaining revenue and benefits in return.

MEmob+’s recent talk on the ODIN protocol and the sharing of data in a decentralized space focus on our vision to empower people to earn rewards for the data they share. This further stems from the company’s increased efforts towards making people gain control of the data they generate and provide a secure bridge to the world of crypto, offering a premium experience to users allowing them to earn rewards for the data they share.

How will MEmob+ and ODIN Protocol revolutionize decentralized data sharing?

ODIN Protocol is a data-centric ecosystem with a vision of connecting the dots between data generators and data consumers. It focuses on tools to provide quality, accessibility, and efficiency to improve the current industry status; and add  value to a market  transitioning into the web3 era.

MEmob+, a data intelligence company that utilizes AI to map user mobility and identifications while surfing the web is looking into giving users ownership and control over how, where, and most importantly why they are sharing their data; building on giving users the power to understand how their data is being used all the while making a profit from data-sharing for both users as well as brands in a secure environment.

Together they can democratize the world!

In today’s world, top global brands are quickly realizing the importance of incorporating the blockchain system into their identity, recognizing that people are constantly looking for new money streams and benefits. Building a reward-based system for the customers that is transparent is the solution that ODIN Protocol and MEmob+ will be able to deliver for the entire market.

The ODIN ID would be, therefore, an ability to connect an identity with a wide selection of applications built on top of ODIN benefiting from users and simplifying the way they share data for earning rewards.

Since we live in a fast developing world, many industries are now accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This means that the rewards that people are gaining from sharing data will be hugely beneficial. With ODIN Protocol and MEmob+ users will be able to connect their wallets to the web, connecting to an ODIN ID and create a decentralized ecosystem. 

MEmob+ and ODIN Protocol fulfil a growing gap in the new markets as we progress towards the undefined advertising aspect providing a deeper understanding into what is important and giving users power and control over their data.

MEmob+ has already begun to see growth in this area as we receive clients for blockchain projects to build sustainability and gather data because they understand that in the future, everything digital will shift to a cookieless world with no IDs.

Join us in our quest to revolutionize the world and make it a better, brighter, and safer place to live!

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