Get inside the mind of your target market this summer

The famous opening lines of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, ‘Aprille with his shoures soote’ (April with its sweet showers), stated that summer was the time when people longed to set off on their travels. Summer travel has existed for over 500 years, whether as pilgrimages that gave birth to the concept of ‘holidays’ (from ‘Holy Days’) […]

The top 14 AI tools of 2023 have arrived!

In today’s world, businesses are leveraging Artificial Intelligence and transforming industries, bringing innovation and revolution across the lives of individuals and corporations.  Did you know that there is a 15.7 trillion dollar GDP forecasted boost in AI by 2030? In recent days more than 77% of devices use AI and consumers have been using machine […]

Mobile World Congress – Forging deeper connections

After a yearlong wait, MEmob+ was finally back at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), one of the most significant international summits showcasing the best mobile communications technology. The last two years of the event have been quieter due to Covid restrictions, but expectations were high for this year’s four-day trade show commenced from the 27th […]

The Pioneers of a Progressing World

The more we progress into a world led by companies holding a monopoly over consumers across the globe, the more we are losing sight of our identities without having a targeted direction to how the world will be in the future. In 2022, 122 billion dollars was spent by brands on advertisements with an expected […]

MEmob+ Announces Exclusive Partnership with Artifact Labs

Metaverses are anything but new. But only recently have they become a real buzzword. Hyped as the next big technology, they are an ever-growing field that will undoubtedly keep marketers on their toes and challenged. To succeed in the virtual world, a well-thought-out marketing strategy focused on innovation, immersive experiences and digital rewards is essential. […]

MEmob+ Visits Web Summit 2022

And it’s a wrap! With another exciting and thrilling event returning to Lisbon in November, Web Summit 2022 was beyond words, and for sure, MEmob+ grabbed the opportunity to attend, gain insights, and upscale with new innovations. For four days in a row, the world’s biggest technology event was held at Lisbon’s Altice Arena in […]

Metaverse and Blockchain – Dawn of a New Era

Marketing success in this day and age is determined by how well modern technologies are embraced and how businesses keep up with rapid developments in the marketing world. Are we ready for the future? Recently, the term Metaverse is generating quite a buzz. It refers to a shared virtual environment bridging the digital and virtual […]

MEmob+ at DMEXCO 2022

Two days of interesting topics, inspiring programs, fun, and entertainment, DMEXCO 2022, thank you! After a three-year break and with thrill and excitement, The Digital Marketing Expo and Conference DMEXCO came back stronger than ever! Two days in a row of interesting topics, inspiring sessions, fun, and entertainment, the MEmob+ team had the opportunity to […]

Future of Digital Marketing With MEmob+ & Blockchain

They say the sky’s the limit, but what they don’t know is at MEmob+ there’s no limit!  As technology and humanity continue to evolve, the world is getting more virtual with the creation of new changes and techniques. Introducing the latest innovation, Blockchain technology , invades all businesses and industries to become the new future. […]

Capitalize At The Largest Event Of The Year

The Biggest Football event is soon to kick off. The event has become more than just an international football tournament – it has morphed into an emotion that resonates with many. This is undoubtedly one of the most significant events of the year promising massive payoffs to marketers and advertisers. According to sources, the event […]

Spotting Mobile AD FRAUD – Even Uber Not Spared

Successful brands take a full-funnel and omnichannel marketing approach to support their measurement strategy With the scale of data available in today’s technology-driven world, organizations that are mobile centric, face an overwhelming amount of information. The days of measuring an app’s potential by how many downloads it received are long gone. These days, it can […]

Let your ads take you places!

At MEmob+, we’re taking our efforts to ensure clients maximize the efficacy of their marketing messages and creatives to a whole new level. We provide rich media solutions to ensure clients enhance their marketing activities. Knowing that the most important aspect of a marketing strategy is attracting your target audience. Rich media ads effectively accomplish […]

Personalisation: a marketing win-win

Remember the fundamental tenets of marketing, the 4 Ps: right product, right place, right price, right promotion? They were missing a fifth: right person, because personalisation ought to be at the heart of marketing. In the age of mass media, the right audience was a picture painted with broad brushstrokes. With data it’s incredibly refined […]

MEmob+ opens European HQ in Madrid

We’re very excited to announce our expansion in Europe with the opening of a new regional HQ in Madrid. We already had an office in Munich, Germany, on top of others in the USA, the Middle East and Asia. The Spanish operation is currently onboarding its first strategic clients. Led by Ihab El Yaman, our […]

MEmob+ launches EXPO visitor audience segments

Staging the EXPO 2020 was always going to be a mammoth task, and, while the pandemic forced a one-year delay for its opening, millions still passed through its gates from October 2021. MEmob+, which has billions of profiles built on device IDs in its SMART data management platform, has matched at least 8 million visitors […]

Meet MEmob+’s New CTO: Mohamad Al Eskandarani

Mohammed Al Eskandarani has joined MEmob+ as our new Chief Technology Officer. In his new role, he will develop the technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure it’s aligned with its business goals and set a vision for how technology is used today and in the future. Previously at United Development Company in Qatar, […]

Extending Our Footprint with Expansion in Riyadh & Doha

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re building on our success in Saudi Arabia and Qatar with the opening of offices in Riyadh and Doha. The move reflects a rapid rise in demand for our services from both these markets. The new operations will be led by Saad Bleik, reporting to Ihab El Yaman, MEmob+’s Founder […]

From outdoor to in-store

The Ask: A German luxury car manufacturer wanted to assess the performance of its outdoor advertising placements in the Abu Dhabi emirate and in Kuwait. The main objective was to determine the OOH audience and work out the footfall conversions to its showrooms. It was a key step to work out the ROI of the […]

Breaking Up with Cookies: A Fresh Approach to Digital Advertising

When third-party cookies finally go, we’ll have to find and combine a mass of consumer understanding with an actual ad, targeting strategy or a digital aggregation strategy. But if we manage to bring the two together, we’ll drive more engagement, said the guests on a panel at the 2021 Web Summit. Data and service companies […]

A level data playing field

Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, they’re all getting bigger with data, often at the expense of smaller companies. Apple can now say they now have an advertising platform based on first party data. Like Google or Facebook, they can say “to use our data you need to advertise with us”. Being transparent would be to say […]

From Top to Bottom: How a Full Funnel Boosts Your Conversion Rates

There was a time when mass marketing prevailed, when economies of scale ruled, and wastage was acceptable. Instead of a generic, all-encompassing approach, brands can now deploy activities and messages best suited to individuals’ needs and position in the purchase funnel. Today, brands can speak to consumers one on one, so why are we still […]

Near Joins Forces with MEmob+: A Promising Partnership for the Future

Akama Holding, the Dubai-based family office with investments in media, tech and content, has welcomed Near, the leading privacy-led source of intelligence on people, places and products, as an investor in its data-driven marketing solutions company MEmob+. The Singapore-based data intelligence specialist has taken a minority stake in a deal that values the company at […]

Maximizing Your Tourist Reach: A Data-Driven Approach from the Expo

The ambitious target of 25 million visitors to the Expo 2020 is achievable as long as we capitalise on every pocket of potential travelers. Looking at the usage of travel-related sites and apps shows that large numbers of people around the world are planning trips abroad for business or leisure. To reach this critical audience […]

Smart Data Collection: Navigating the Post-Cookie Era

We’re a couple of years away from a radical change in the way digital marketing operates. In 2023, third-party cookies, little pieces of code that report back on users’ internet journeys, will no longer be supported by Google’s Chrome browser. One piece of good news: first-party cookies are safe. While Safari and Firefox have done […]

Unlocking the Power of Data to Enhance Your Ramadan Experience

The Ramadan experience this year will once again be a mixture of tradition and adaptation to unique conditions. Here is a quick round-up of ways to make it as special and safe as possible. Covid guidelines – Avoid social gatherings: bring your guests to the table via Zoom, Google Meet, Botim…. – Ignore Iftar tents: […]

Ramadan Kiri with 30 recipes in one click

The Ask: Bel wanted to make sure its Kiri cheese was the star ingredient in Ramadan dishes in 2020, inspiring GCC women who shop and cook with its recipes. Using its deep knowledge of content preferences and mothers’ behaviours during the Holy Month, MEmob+ conceived a clever creative idea and a smart targeting approach to […]

McDonald’s gets tasty results from fresh geo-farmed data

The Ask: During the country’s curfew to contain the pandemic, McDonald’s RICC, the chain’s franchisee in the Northern, Eastern and Central regions of Saudi Arabia, wanted to stimulate its in-store traffic, particularly drive-through. The task was to engage with the people still driving around. The Answer: MEmob+ deployed geo-fences around the chain’ stores and their […]

IKEA part sale: right time, right place, right message

The Ask: To boost its in-store traffic for its part sale, IKEA UAE briefed MEmob+ with a five-week digital campaign targeting their stores’ respective catchment areas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The Answer: MEmob+ created tight geo-fences around IKEA’s four UAE stores, their respective catchment areas and competitor stores to capture the UDIDs […]

Tail-wagging results for Nestlé Purina with AllPings™ and STRETCH™

Purina, the pet food subsidiary of Nestlé, wanted to reach and promote its Pro Plan range of science-based nutrition products to dog and cat owners in the UAE. To achieve this, it called on MEmob+ to identify and gather data about pet owners first before engaging with this most relevant audience with precision. Traditionally, dogs […]

Mean more to new mums with the personal touch

Marketing to new mothers goes much further than using obvious touchpoints like parenting sites or e-commerce platforms. This is a blunt approach when you require a delicate touch. The challenge Baby products come in several versions, according to size, like nappies, or formulations such as Holle Stage 2, as well as food products, to suit […]

Boost Your Tourist Marketing with MEmob+

The Economics of Tourism in UAE Travel and Tourism have grown to be one of the UAE’s main economic drivers for the past decade. With Dubai Expo 2020 coming this October, the expectations, statistics, and opportunities in this sector are expected to double. The travel and tourism sector contributed to more than 20% of UAE’s […]

MEmob+’s Location Technology

While mobile phones keep advancing and focusing on the biggest visual changes to their platforms, this time around, the operating systems’ engineers focused on expanding feature sets and improving workflows while adding a ton of new tools for developers to give their apps more abilities than ever before. Continuity. The most impressive new enhancement methodologies […]